Stuttering Therapy

What is Stuttering? 

Stuttering is a disorder that affects the forward flow of speech. Speech may be stopped by interruptions or repetitions on the sounds and words in speech. 

Who Stutters? 

  • More than 45 million people in the world stutter 
  • 1% of the population stutters 
  • Male stutterers outnumber female stutterers 3:1 
  • About 5% of children are likely to stutter for several months or more at some time during their lives 

When can Stuttering be Diagnosed? 

Stuttering can emerge and be diagnosed as early as 2 years old. It can also have an onset at varying times and ages. 

What are the signs? 

  • May seem stuck on a sound or word 
  • Repetition on sounds or words 
    • Example: “b-b-ball” or “I I I want it” 
  • Stretching a sound out on a word 
    • Example: “wwwwwhat” 
  • Difficulty with sounds at the start of words or the start of a sentence 
  • Speech that includes frequent revisions, and “filler” words 
    • Example: “Like” or “Um” 
  • A struggle to speak with possible frustration 

***Early identification of stuttering is key. Please seek therapy if you or your family/friends are experiencing any of the aforementioned behaviors.*** 

Is there help? 

Speech and Language Pathologists are trained to work on all elements of a person who Stutters, understanding that every person is different and will require a tailored therapy approach that fits his/her needs most appropriately.

What to Expect in Therapy 

Clinicians work 1:1 with clients to help maximize his/her communication. Young children will be immersed in a therapy environment that will facilitate an easier approach to speech production. Older children and adults will learn and utilize techniques to make speaking easier, to promote confidence in speaking, and to increase overall acceptance of speech.